Exploring Tourism in Iraq
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Iraq Popular Places to Visit

Al Kish

Kish: near modern Tell al-Uhaymir is an important archaeological site in Babil Governorate (Iraq), located 80 kilometers south of Baghdad and 12 kilometers east of the ancient city of Babylon. The Ubaid period site of Ras al-Amiyah is 8 kilometers away. It was occupied from the Ubaid to Hellenistic periods.[3] In Early Dynastic times the city's patron deity was Inanna with

Halabja City

Halabja is a city in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the capital of Halabja Governorate, located about 240 km (150 mi) northeast of Baghdad and 14 km (9 mi) from the Iranian border. The city lies at the base of what is often referred to as the greater Hewraman region stretching across the Iran–Iraq border. Halabja is surrounded by Hawraman

Qaysari Bazar

A Qaysari bazaar is a type of covered bazaar typical of Kurdistan and Iraq. Arbil (Kurdish: Hawler) contains an extensive Qaysari, just south of the citadel in the center of town that was first established in the early 13th century AD. The Qaysari is entered through the numerous alleys that surround it. Once inside, shoppers walk through a maze of narrow

Citadel Of Erbil

Citadel of Erbil located in the middle of erbil city the castle was built with a circular shape and stands 30 m high above a hill it dates back to 6000 years , it has 510 residential  mmas (mula saleem achalaby  - sheikh Jameel afandy ) in addition to the great mosque and the old bathroom , the castle is considered

Shanidar Cave

Shanidar cave is an archaeological site located on Bradost Mountain, within the Zagros Mountains, in the Erbil Governorate of Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq. It is known for the discovery of Neanderthal remains at the site, most notably Shanidar, who survived several injuries during his life, possibly due to care from others in his group, and Shanidar , the famed 'flower

Amadiyah Ancient Castle

It is considered one of the fortified castles that played a prominent role in the history of Iraq over the past generations. It sits on top of a mountain with a height of about 1400 m above sea level. It is oval in shape and rests on a single piece of rock of limited space surrounded by high mountain peaks.

Bekhal Waterfalls

One of the wonderful and distinguished tourist resorts in northern Iraq in terms of scenic views. It is 140 km from the center of Erbil Governorate. It is located east of the Gali Ali Bey Resort. This location is well-known and famous for its large waterfall that extends along the mountain.

Gali Ali Bek Waterfall

One of the wonderful tourist sites in the city. It was named after Ali Bey, the sheikh of the Yezidi Order, where he was ambushed in the waterfall area and killed by the Ottoman forces. The resort is a 10-km-long rocky fissure in a passage between the mountains of Korek and Nawathin, 60 km away from Shaqlawa Resort, and its

Al-tahra Al-tahtani Church

Al-Tahra Al-Tahtani Church, near the remains of Bash Tapia the Church of the Supreme Monastery, and the last renovation of its building was in 1743 AD. Martoma Church, which is one of the historical churches and is considered one of the thirteenth century buildings given the style of its construction.

Basrah Museum

In the Basra Museum, you will find hundreds of precious artifacts dating back to the Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Islamic civilizations since thousands of years BC. All antiquities therein are preserved in an exemplary way, comparable to international methods of preserving valuable collectibles and antiquities, and they have been distributed according to their chronological period into four halls: the Sumerian